Thursday, September 5, 2013

Assigned Texts and Other Resources

In addition to the coursepack, two general survey texts have been assigned.

Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction (2008) by Thomas Dixon is part of the expansive Very Short Introduction (to just about anything) Series put out by Oxford University Press. It is available in the bookstore, or it can be found on Amazon for purchase in Kindle format or on Google Books for purchase in e-book format.

For those who want more informative reading on related topics, other additions to the A Very Short Introductions series you might look at include:
Free Will: A Very Short Introduction, by Thomas Pink
Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction, by Samir Okasha
The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction, by Terry Eagleton
The Scientific Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, by Lawerence M. Principe
Science and Religion, 1450-1900: From Copernicus to Darwin (2004) by Richard G. Olson is part of a larger project to publish survey texts in the history of religion and science by Greenwood Press.

It has a companion volume, Science and Religion, 400 BC - AD 1550: From Aristotle to Copernicus by Edward Grant, which provides a detailed introduction to some material that we will touch on in class, but is not directly relevant to our goals.

When it comes to choosing topics for your written assignment, it may be helpful to look further afield in the Very Short Introduction Series or in the Greenwood Guides for inspiration.